Meet our Founder

Regina's journey into the realm of Ayurvedic beauty products is deeply rooted in a childhood shaped by health-conscious parents. Raised in an environment where natural remedies took precedence over pharmaceutical solutions, such as her father's concoctions of aloe vera with ginger for a stomachache; were a testament to a holistic approach to well-being.
Regina's path to Ayurveda unfolded through her sister's transformative experience during a Yoga training program. The revelation struck during an Ayurvedic workshop, where her sister declared that Ayurveda was the lifelong quest they had been seeking, they had found their Dharma.
This pivotal moment propelled Regina on a global odyssey, immersing herself in the rich traditions of Ayurveda. She resided with Ayurvedic doctors in India, delving into the intricate knowledge of herbs and oils embedded in this ancient culture. Her journey took her to Rishikesh, where she sought solace in an ashram, dedicating time to meditation, yoga, and the profound teachings of Ayurveda.
Continuing her exploration, Regina ventured to Melbourne for a transformative chanting meditation course, followed by a rejuvenating Yoga retreat in Bali and a wellness immersion in the Philippines. Each experience enriched her understanding of Ayurveda and fueled her determination to share its wisdom upon returning to San Diego.

For the past seven years, Regina has called Baja California Sur, La Ventana, home—a deliberate choice to embrace a slower, more intentional life. Having lived through the stress and chaos of a fast-paced existence, she recognized the toll it took on her body—manifesting as inflammation and digestive issues. Ayurveda became her guide to simplicity, tranquility, and overall well-being.

Regina's commitment to Ayurvedic beauty products stems from a profound realization about the chemicals pervading our daily lives. Her shock at the sheer volume of chemicals absorbed by the body through skincare products compelled her to “take action”. With a passion for protecting our bodies, oceans, children, and the environment, Regina embarked on a mission to create products that align with Ayurvedic principles—nourishing both the skin and the soul.

Regina invites you to explore her Ayurvedic-inspired beauty products, crafted with a dedication to purity, well-being, and a harmonious connection to nature. Embrace the transformative journey to radiant beauty and holistic living with products that honor the principles of Ayurveda.

Para vivir de forma sostenible, cultivamos nuestros propios alimentos (no todo), pero tenemos muchas plantas frutales y verduras.



Cuando era más joven (tengo 31 años), desde los 15 hasta los 25 solía vivir una vida súper rápida, siempre tenía prisa, estudiaba, trabajaba y me sentía agotado todo el tiempo.
Cuando descubrí el Ayurveda me di cuenta de que necesitaba ir más despacio, conocí a mi marido en aquel entonces y todo lo que siempre quise hacer fue vivir una vida sencilla en un rancho con mi familia, ahora tengo 2 hijos y vivimos felices para siempre. después, ¡hasta ahora!


De la granja a la piel

Espero que algún día pueda cultivar todas las plantas medicinales, flores y hierbas que uso para el cuidado de la piel de Madre Luna.


    CERO RESIDUOS con Juanita, se come todos los restos y aspira la casa todo el tiempo.
    Ella es muy limpia y organizada.

  • JUANITA es muy kapha

    A Juanita le gusta mucho comer, le gusta tumbarse y relajarse, es muy tranquila y amigable.

Welcome to Madre Luna Ranch

In embracing the Ayurvedic lifestyle, I’ve discovered a profound connection between myself, the plants, and the animals. This sanctuary I call home is more than just a dwelling; it's a haven where sustainable living intertwines harmoniously with the five elements.
At Madre Luna, we embrace eco-conscious practices, recycling every drop of grey water and nurturing our soil with nutrient-rich compost from our kitchen scraps. It's a testament to our commitment to nurturing the earth that sustains us.
But Madre Luna isn't just about sustainability—it's a vibrant community hub where kindred spirits come together. We host gatherings to share wisdom, laughter, and the joy of connection amidst this magical landscape.
Join us in our mission to live in harmony with nature, where every action is a celebration of life's interconnectedness."

Mi familia

Vivir entre la naturaleza nos ha ayudado a darnos cuenta de lo generosa que es la Madre Naturaleza, hay abundancia dondequiera que mires.