“Estoy obsesionada con el GOOD KARMA” el bloqueador solar con color a piel! Lo uso todos los días! Me encanta porque me hidrata la piel, y me empareja el color de la piel, lo siento como un maquillaje muy ligero y eso me encanta!!! Aparte de que me siento protegida del SOL!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Marcela Ley, Founder of Casa Tara Retreat @casatararetreat

Cuando hago mi ritual de Madre Luna ya sea en la mañana o en la noche, cuando regreso de la playa, es como si mi piel estaba esperando esa caricia, ese apapacho, esa magia todo el tiempo, no puedo y ya no quiero usar otras marcas que no sean Madre Luna.
Fan de todos los sueros, lipsticks, sunscreen con color (Good Karma)

Fabiola Gonzalez- Chef and Founder @casaxololaventana

Here are some beautiful women that have tried the products and wanted to share their experience and honest feedback.

Walis Larraga

''I have super sensitive skin. Everything I tried would irritate it, including brands that would claim to be clean and all natural. I started using madreluna products in 2020 with a little hesitation based on previous experience but hope that they would work on me and fell in love with them and how my skin reacted to the products. I have since only used madreluna. I love the way my skin feels and I find peace of mind in knowing that the ingredients that are being absorbed by my skin are natural and actually good for me. I use and love everything from the night serums, deodorant, morning serums, scrub, oil for massaging my toddler after his bath, and the makeup. I’ve gifted the blush/ lipstick to family members and friends and they all rave about it!''

Lauren Jane - Award Winning Baker @laurenjanebakes

If I could only choose one skincare product to use for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab Cleopatra’s Skin. First of all, the natural fragrance is incredible, and applying it is such a treat for your skin. It instantly moisturizes and absorbs quickly. But in the long run, I also noticed that blemishes and age spots reduced in intensity and frequency. I have had complete strangers compliment my newly youthful skin. Madre Luna claims all their ingredients are natural and found in nature, but I’d argue that they also add a dash of magic.

Award Winning Baker Alberta, Canada


Grazia Tamayo- Kundalini Teacher instagram- @yosoy_ela

Amo los productos Madre Luna por que son una extensión de amor de Regina Salido. Son productos en armonia con nuestro cuerpo, y tambien con el medio ambiente. Mis productos favoritos son Earth hug, betabelico, waxing moon skin y good karma. Me inspira la conciencia con la que estan hechos, con la bases del ayurveda y la creatividad de la artista creadora.

Jennine Cohen - Forbes Changemaker, Adventure Travel Expert @jenninecohen

Madre Luna inspires me to transform good skincare into a sacred ritual, I am a huge believer in Madre Luna and refuse to use anything else. The products come from heart and merge with the skin in the most graceful of ways.
I even keep the serums and oils in an altar, reminding me to make great skin care a joyful and sensual ritual everyday.